Simple Icons461 icons

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net .NET icon
500px 500px icon
aboutme icon
acm ACM icon
addthis AddThis icon
adobe Adobe icon
adobeacrobatreader Adobe Acrobat Reader icon
adobeaftereffects Adobe After Effects icon
adobedreamweaver Adobe Dreamweaver icon
adobeillustrator Adobe Illustrator icon
adobeindesign Adobe InDesign icon
adobelightroom Adobe Lightroom icon
adobephotoshop Adobe Photoshop icon
adobetypekit Adobe Typekit icon
airbnb Airbnb icon
go Go icon
googleallo Allo icon
amazon Amazon icon
amd AMD icon
americanexpress American Express icon
android Android icon
angellist AngelList icon
angular Angular icon
apple Apple icon
applemusic Apple Music icon
applepay Apple pay icon
archlinux Arch Linux icon
archiveofourown Archive of Our Own icon
artstation ArtStation icon
asana Asana icon
atlassian Atlassian icon
atom Atom icon
at&t AT&T icon
aurelia Aurelia icon
auth0 Auh0 icon
automatic Automatic icon
aventrix Aventrix icon
baidu Baidu icon
bandcamp Bandcamp icon
basecamp Basecamp icon
bathasu Bath ASU icon
behance Behance icon
bigcartel Big Cartel icon
bing Bing icon
bitbucket Bitbucket icon
bitcoin Bitcoin icon
bitly Bitly icon
blender Blender icon
blogger Blogger icon
boost Boost icon
bootstrap Bootstrap icon
bower Bower icon
brandai icon
buffer Buffer icon
buzzfeed BuzzFeed icon
cakephp CakePHP icon
campaignmonitor Campaign Monitor icon
castorama Castorama icon
castro Castro icon
circleci CircleCI icon
clockify Clockify icon
cloudflare Cloudflare icon
codecademy Codecademy icon
codeforces Codeforces icon
codeigniter CodeIgniter icon
codepen CodePen icon
coderwall Coderwall icon
codewars Codewars icon
codio Codio icon
coffeescript CoffeeScript icon
compropago ComproPago icon
conekta Conekta icon
coop Co-op icon
coursera Coursera icon
adobecreativecloud Adobe Creative Cloud
css3 CSS3 icon
csswizardry CSS Wizardry icon
d3js D3.js icon
dailymotion Dailymotion icon
debian Debian icon
deezer Deezer icon
delicious Delicious icon
dell Dell icon
designernews Designer News icon
deviantart DeviantArt icon
devrant devRant icon
devto icon
diaspora Diaspora icon
digg Digg icon
digitalocean DigitalOcean icon
discord Discord icon
discourse Discourse icon
discover Discover icon
disroot Disroot icon
disqus Disqus icon
django Django icon
docker Docker icon
draugiemlv icon
dribbble Dribbble icon
dropbox Dropbox icon
drupal Drupal icon
dtube DTube icon
ebay eBay icon
ello Ello icon
empirekred Empire Kred icon
envato Envato icon
eslint ESLint icon
ethereum Ethereum icon
etsy Etsy icon
eventbrite Eventbrite icon
eventstore Event Store icon
evernote Evernote icon
everplaces Everplaces icon
facebook Facebook icon
fandango Fandango icon
feathub FeatHub icon
feedly Feedly icon
firebase Firebase icon
fitbit Fitbit icon
flickr Flickr icon
flipboard Flipboard icon
fnac Fnac icon
foursquare Foursquare icon
framer Framer icon
freecodecamp freeCodeCamp icon
furrynetwork Furry Network icon
garmin Garmin icon
gatsby Gatsby icon
gauges Gauges icon
geocaching Geocaching icon
gerrit Gerrit icon
ghost Ghost icon
git Git icon
github GitHub icon
gitlab GitLab icon
gitter Gitter icon
glassdoor Glassdoor icon
gmail Gmail icon
gnu GNU icon
gnusocial GNU social icon
goldenline GoldenLine icon
goodreads Goodreads icon
google Google icon
googlechrome Google Chrome icon
googleanalytics Google Analytics icon
googledrive Google Drive icon
googlehangouts Google Hangouts icon
googlekeep Google Keep icon
googleplay Google Play icon
googleplus Google+ icon
govuk GOV.UK icon
graphcool Graphcool icon
graphql GraphQL icon
grav Grav icon
gravatar Gravatar icon
groupon groupon icon
gulp Gulp icon
gumroad Gumroad icon
gumtree Gumtree icon
hackerrank HackerRank icon
hackster Hackster icon
haskell Haskell icon
hatenabookmark Hatena Bookmark icon
heroku Heroku icon
hexo Hexo icon
highly Highly icon
hipchat HipChat icon
hockeyapp hockeyapp icon
homify homify icon
hootsuite Hootsuite icon
houzz Houzz icon
html5 HTML5 icon
hulu Hulu icon
humblebundle Humble Bundle icon
iconjar iconjar icon
icq ICQ icon
ifixit iFixit icon
imdb IMDb icon
inkscape Inkscape icon
instacart Instacart icon
instagram Instagram icon
instapaper Instapaper icon
intel Intel icon
intercom Intercom icon
internetexplorer Internet Explorer icon
invision InVision icon
java Java icon
javascript JavaScript icon
jekyll Jekyll icon
jenkins Jenkins icon
jira Jira icon
joomla Joomla icon
jquery jQuery icon
jsfiddle JSFiddle icon
json JSON icon
justgiving JustGiving icon
kaggle Kaggle icon
keybase Keybase icon
keycdn KeyCDN icon
khanacademy Khan Academy icon
kickstarter Kickstarter icon
kik Kik icon
kirby Kirby icon
klout Klout icon
known Known icon
koding Koding icon
kofi Ko-fi icon
lanyrd Lanyrd icon
laravel Laravel icon
lastfm icon
launchpad Launchpad icon
leetcode LeetCode icon
letterboxd Letterboxd icon
line Line icon
linewebtoon LINE WEBTOON icon
linkedin LinkedIn icon
linux Linux icon
linuxfoundation Linux Foundation icon
livejournal LiveJournal icon
livestream Livestream icon
lua Lua icon
macys Macy’s icon
magento Magento icon
mailchimp MailChimp icon
mailru Mail.Ru icon
makerbot MakerBot icon
mastercard MasterCard icon
mastodon Mastodon icon
matternet Matternet icon
mediatemple MediaTemple icon
medium Medium icon
meetup Meetup icon
messenger Messenger icon
meteor Meteor icon
microblog icon
microgenetics Microgenetics icon
microsoft Microsoft icon
microsoftaccess Microsoft Access icon
microsoftedge Microsoft Edge icon
microsoftexcel Microsoft Excel icon
microsoftonedrive OneDrive icon
microsoftonenote Microsoft OneNote icon
microsoftoutlook Microsoft Outlook icon
microsoftpowerpoint Microsoft PowerPoint icon
microsoftword Microsoft Word icon
minutemailer Minutemailer icon
mix mix icon
mixcloud Mixcloud icon
mixer Mixer icon
monero Monero icon
mongodb MongoDB icon
monkeytie Monkey tie icon
monogram Monogram icon
moo Moo icon
mozilla Mozilla icon
mozillafirefox Mozilla Firefox icon
myspace Myspace icon
mysql MySQL icon
neo4j Neo4j icon
netflix Netflix icon
netlify Netlify icon
nextcloud Nextcloud icon
nextdoor Nextdoor icon
nginx NGINX icon
nintendo Nintendo icon
nintendogamecube Nintendo GameCube icon
nintendoswitch Nintendo Switch icon
nodejs Node.JS icon
nodemon Nodemon icon
npm NPM icon
nucleo Nucleo icon
nvidia NVIDIA icon
oculus Oculus icon
odnoklassniki Odnoklassniki icon
opera Opera icon
origin Origin icon
overcast Overcast icon
ovh OVH icon
pagekit Pagekit icon
pandora Pandora icon
patreon Patreon icon
paypal PayPal icon
periscope Periscope icon
php PHP icon
picartotv Picarto.TV icon
pinboard Pinboard icon
pingdom Pingdom icon
pingup Pingup icon
pinterest Pinterest icon
plangrid PlanGrid icon
playerme icon
playstation PlayStation icon
playstation3 Playstation 3 icon
playstation4 Playstation 4 icon
plex Plex icon
pluralsight Pluralsight icon
plurk Plurk icon
pocket Pocket icon
podcasts Podcasts icon
prismic Prismic icon
processwire ProcessWire icon
producthunt Product Hunt icon
protoio icon
protonmail ProtonMail icon
python Python icon
qiita Qiita icon
qualcomm Qualcomm icon
quantopian Quantopian icon
quantcast Quantcast icon
quora Quora icon
qzone Qzone icon
rails Rails icon
raspberrypi Raspberry Pi icon
react React icon
readthedocs Read the Docs icon
redbubble Redbubble icon
reddit Reddit icon
redis Redis icon
redux Redux icon
renren Renren icon
reverbnation ReverbNation icon
riseup Riseup icon
rollupjs rollup.js icon
roots Roots icon
rss RSS icon
ruby Ruby icon
runkeeper Runkeeper icon
rust Rust icon
safari safari icon
salesforce Salesforce icon
samsung Samsung icon
sap SAP icon
sass Sass icon
saucelabs Sauce Labs icon
scribd Scribd icon
sega Sega icon
sellfy Sellfy icon
sentry Sentry icon
serverfault Server Fault icon
shazam Shazam icon
shopify Shopify icon
signal Signal icon
simpleicons Simple Icons icon
sinaweibo Sina Weibo icon
sitepoint SitePoint icon
skyliner Skyliner icon
skype Skype icon
slack Slack icon
slashdot Slashdot icon
slickpic SlickPic icon
slides Slides icon
smashingmagazine Smashing Magazine icon
snapchat Snapchat icon
sogou Sogou icon
songkick Songkick icon
soundcloud SoundCloud icon
sourceforge SourceForge icon
sparkpost SparkPost icon
speakerdeck Speaker Deck icon
spotify Spotify icon
spotlight Spotlight icon
spreaker Spreaker icon
sprint Sprint icon
squarespace Squarespace icon
stackexchange Stack Exchange icon
stackoverflow Stack Overflow icon
statamic Statamic icon
staticman Staticman icon
steam Steam icon
steem Steem icon
stitcher Stitcher icon
storify Storify icon
strava Strava icon
stripe Stripe icon
stubhub StubHub icon
styleshare StyleShare icon
stylus Stylus
sublimetext Sublime Text icon
subversion Subversion icon
superuser Super User icon
swarm Swarm icon
swift Swift icon
symfony Symfony icon
tails Tails icon
tapas Tapas icon
ted TED icon
teespring Teespring icon
telegram Telegram icon
tencentqq Tencent QQ icon
tesla Tesla icon
themighty The Mighty icon
tinder Tinder icon
tmobile T-Mobile icon
toggl Toggl icon
topcoder Topcoder icon
toptal Toptal icon
trakt Trakt icon
travisci Travis CI icon
treehouse Treehouse icon
trello Trello icon
tripadvisor TripAdvisor icon
trulia Trulia icon
tumblr Tumblr icon
twilio Twilio icon
twitch Twitch icon
twitter Twitter icon
twoo Twoo icon
typo3 TYPO3 icon
uber Uber icon
ubuntu Ubuntu icon
udacity Udacity icon
uikit UIkit icon
umbraco Umbraco icon
unsplash Unsplash icon
untappd Untappd icon
upwork Upwork icon
vagrant Vagrant icon
verizon Verizon icon
viadeo Viadeo icon
viber Viber icon
vim Vim icon
vimeo Vimeo icon
vine Vine icon
virb Virb icon
visa Visa icon
visualstudiocode Visual Studio Code icon
vk VK icon
vsco VSCO icon
vuejs Vue.js icon
wattpad Wattpad icon
webpack Webpack icon
webstorm WebStorm icon
wechat WeChat icon
whatsapp WhatsApp icon
wheniwork When I Work icon
wii Wii icon
wiiu Wii U icon
wikipedia Wikipedia icon
windows Windows icon
wire Wire icon
wix Wix icon
wolfram Wolfram icon
wolframlanguage Wolfram Language icon
wolframmathematica Mathematica icon
wordpress WordPress icon
wpengine WP Engine icon
xbox Xbox icon
xcode Xcode icon
xero Xero icon
xing Xing icon
xsplit XSplit icon
ycombinator Y Combinator icon
yahoo Yahoo! icon
yammer Yammer icon
yandex Yandex icon
yelp Yelp icon
youtube YouTube icon
zapier Zapier icon
zendesk Zendesk icon
zerply Zerply icon
zillow Zillow icon

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