Simple icons


๐Ÿ”ฌ Usage:{icon}.svg?size={number}&color={hex}&colored=true

AddThis icon addthis
Adobe Acrobat Reader icon adobeacrobatreader
Adobe After Effects icon adobeaftereffects
Adobe Dreamweaver icon adobedreamweaver
Adobe Illustrator icon adobeillustrator
Adobe InDesign icon adobeindesign
Adobe Lightroom icon adobelightroom
Adobe Photoshop icon adobephotoshop
Adobe Typekit icon adobetypekit
American Express icon americanexpress
Android icon android
AngelList icon angellist
Angular icon angular
Apple Music icon applemusic
Arch Linux icon archlinux
Archive of Our Own icon archiveofourown
ArtStation icon artstation
Atlassian icon atlassian
Aurelia icon aurelia
Automatic icon automatic
Autotask icon autotask
Aventrix icon aventrix
Bandcamp icon bandcamp
Basecamp icon basecamp
Behance icon behance
Big Cartel icon bigcartel
Bitbucket icon bitbucket
Bitcoin icon bitcoin
Bitdefender icon bitdefender
Blender icon blender
Blogger icon blogger
Bootstrap icon bootstrap
BuzzFeed icon buzzfeed
CakePHP icon cakephp
Campaign Monitor icon campaignmonitor
Castorama icon castorama
CircleCI icon circleci
Clojure icon clojure
Codecademy icon codecademy
Codecov icon codecov
Codeforces icon codeforces
CodeIgniter icon codeigniter
CodePen icon codepen
Coderwall icon coderwall
Codewars icon codewars
CoffeeScript icon coffeescript
ComproPago icon compropago
Conekta icon conekta
Coursera icon coursera
Adobe Creative Cloud adobecreativecloud
CSS Wizardry icon csswizardry
C++ icon cplusplus
Dailymotion icon dailymotion
Delicious icon delicious
Designer News icon designernews
DeviantArt icon deviantart
Diaspora icon diaspora
DigitalOcean icon digitalocean
Discord icon discord
Discourse icon discourse
Discover icon discover icon draugiemlv
Dribbble icon dribbble
Dropbox icon dropbox
elementary icon elementary
Empire Kred icon empirekred
Ethereum icon ethereum
Eventbrite icon eventbrite
Event Store icon eventstore
Evernote icon evernote
Everplaces icon everplaces
Facebook icon facebook
Fandango icon fandango
FeatHub icon feathub
Firebase icon firebase
Flipboard icon flipboard
Foursquare icon foursquare
freeCodeCamp icon freecodecamp
Fur Affinity icon furaffinity
Geocaching icon geocaching
Glassdoor icon glassdoor
GNU social icon gnusocial
GoldenLine icon goldenline
Goodreads icon goodreads
Allo icon googleallo
Google Chrome icon googlechrome
Google Analytics icon googleanalytics
Google Drive icon googledrive
Google Hangouts icon googlehangouts
Google Keep icon googlekeep
Google Play icon googleplay
Google Podcasts icon googlepodcasts
Google+ icon googleplus
Grafana icon grafana
Graphcool icon graphcool
GraphQL icon graphql
Gravatar icon gravatar
groupon icon groupon
Gumroad icon gumroad
Gumtree icon gumtree
HackerRank icon hackerrank
Hackster icon hackster
Haskell icon haskell
Hatena Bookmark icon hatenabookmark
HipChat icon hipchat
hockeyapp icon hockeyapp
Hootsuite icon hootsuite
Humble Bundle icon humblebundle
iconjar icon iconjar
Inkscape icon inkscape
Instacart icon instacart
Instagram icon instagram
Instapaper icon instapaper
Intercom icon intercom
Internet Explorer icon internetexplorer
InVision icon invision
JavaScript icon javascript
Jenkins icon jenkins
JSFiddle icon jsfiddle
JustGiving icon justgiving
Keybase icon keybase
Khan Academy icon khanacademy
Kickstarter icon kickstarter
Laravel icon laravel
Launchpad icon launchpad
Letterboxd icon letterboxd
LibraryThing icon librarything
LinkedIn icon linkedin
Linux Foundation icon linuxfoundation
LiveJournal icon livejournal
Livestream icon livestream
Magento icon magento
MakerBot icon makerbot
MasterCard icon mastercard
Mastodon icon mastodon
Matternet icon matternet
MediaTemple icon mediatemple
Messenger icon messenger icon microblog
Microgenetics icon microgenetics
Microsoft icon microsoft
Microsoft Access icon microsoftaccess
Microsoft Edge icon microsoftedge
Microsoft Excel icon microsoftexcel
OneDrive icon microsoftonedrive
Microsoft OneNote icon microsoftonenote
Microsoft Outlook icon microsoftoutlook
Microsoft PowerPoint icon microsoftpowerpoint
Microsoft Word icon microsoftword
Minutemailer icon minutemailer
Mixcloud icon mixcloud
MongoDB icon mongodb
Monkey tie icon monkeytie
Monogram icon monogram
Mozilla Firefox icon mozillafirefox
Myspace icon myspace
Netflix icon netflix
Netlify icon netlify
Nextdoor icon nextdoor
Nintendo icon nintendo
Nintendo GameCube icon nintendogamecube
Nintendo Switch icon nintendoswitch
Odnoklassniki icon odnoklassniki
Overcast icon overcast
Pagekit icon pagekit
Pandora icon pandora
Periscope icon periscope
Picarto.TV icon picartotv
Pinboard icon pinboard
Pingdom icon pingdom
Pinterest icon pinterest
PlanGrid icon plangrid
PlayStation icon playstation
Playstation 3 icon playstation3
Playstation 4 icon playstation4
Pluralsight icon pluralsight
Podcasts icon podcasts
PowerShell icon powershell
Prismic icon prismic
ProcessWire icon processwire
Product Hunt icon producthunt
ProtonMail icon protonmail
Quantopian icon quantopian
Raspberry Pi icon raspberrypi
Read the Docs icon readthedocs
ReverbNation icon reverbnation
Runkeeper icon runkeeper
Salesforce icon salesforce
Sauce Labs icon saucelabs
Server Fault icon serverfault
Shopify icon shopify
Simple Icons icon simpleicons
Sina Weibo icon sinaweibo
SitePoint icon sitepoint
Skyliner icon skyliner
Slashdot icon slashdot
SlickPic icon slickpic
Smashing Magazine icon smashingmagazine
Snapchat icon snapchat
Songkick icon songkick
SoundCloud icon soundcloud
SourceForge icon sourceforge
SparkPost icon sparkpost
Speaker Deck icon speakerdeck
Spotify icon spotify
Spotlight icon spotlight
Spreaker icon spreaker
Squarespace icon squarespace
Stack Exchange icon stackexchange
Stack Overflow icon stackoverflow
Statamic icon statamic
Staticman icon staticman
Stitcher icon stitcher
Storify icon storify
StubHub icon stubhub
StyleShare icon styleshare
Stylus stylus
Sublime Text icon sublimetext
Subversion icon subversion
Super User icon superuser
Symfony icon symfony
Teespring icon teespring
Telegram icon telegram
The Mighty icon themighty
The Movie Database icon themoviedatabase
Topcoder icon topcoder
Treehouse icon treehouse
TripAdvisor icon tripadvisor
Twitter icon twitter
Udacity icon udacity
Umbraco icon umbraco
Untappd icon untappd
Verizon icon verizon
Visual Studio Code icon visualstudiocode
VLC media player icon vlcmediaplayer
Wattpad icon wattpad
WebStorm icon webstorm
WhatsApp icon whatsapp
Wikipedia icon wikipedia
Windows icon windows
Wolfram icon wolfram
Wolfram Language icon wolframlanguage
Mathematica icon wolframmathematica
WordPress icon wordpress
Y Combinator icon ycombinator
YouTube icon youtube
Zendesk icon zendesk